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Offering rock-bottom priced closeouts, liquidation, surplus and wholesale diapers by the pallet or by the truckload!

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Diapers offers quality diapers at rock-bottom prices, delivered world-wide. Mixed variety loads or pallets of these items are available. All merchandise is from major department stores and well-know manufacturers. We carry all-new overstock merchandise as well as department store return loads.

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All New Diapers: All case goods diapers. Retail designed package. 216 diapers of Small per case and 60 cases per pallet = 12960 diapers per pallet; 180 diapers of Med per case and 54 cases per pallet = 9720 diapers per pallet; 156 diapers of Large per case and 60 cases per pallet = 9360 diapers per pallet; 138 diapers of X-Large per case and 60 cases per pallet = 8280 diapers per pallet. Each truckload contains approx. 70,000 S 80,000 M, 70,000 LRG and 60,000 XL. Total of 280,000 diapers per truckload. Your cost is as low as only $0.15 per diaper. FOB Pa.

closeout disposable diapers
wholesale disposable diapers
wholesale disposable diapers

Diapers and Paper Products from National Kimberly-Clarke: Huge selection of the world's most recognized brands. A nice variety of items: diapers, paper products, tissues, paper towels, feminine products, baby items and much more. Please call for merchandise availability and special prices. FOB Atlanta, NC, ILL, and Reno.

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closeout diapers

Brand New Diapers from A New Beginning™: All new 1st quality diapers in original designed packaging. A mixture of sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Sold by the pallet or by the truckload. Each truckload contains 24 pallets and approximately 72,000 diapers. Your cost is as low as only $11900 per truckload. Super for Retailers.

discount diapers
closeout diapers
discount diapers

Assorted Diapers: All first quality, unisex diapers. Assorted sizes: medium, large, and extra large. Three different brands available: Cheekies (216 diapers/bail); Bunny Hugs (168 diapers/bail); and Softee (288 diapers/bail). FOB Indiana. Please call for more details.

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discount cheekies diapers
closeout softee diapers

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